『NORTH KOREA TRADE 2023』 -published in Nov. 2023

This book summarizes foreign trade statistics in fiscal year 2021 for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea/ D.P.R.Korea). Although the country does not publish the trade statistics, we drew up this book by investigating foreign trade with D.P.R.Korea, based on customhouse statistics of 190 for so countries (and regions) which are trade partners of D.P.R.Korea.
Although trade statistics of each country are generally shown in FOB(Free on board) prices for exports and CIF(Cost Insurance and Freight) prices for imports, that is not the case with the statistics in this book since the trade statistics of D.P.R.Korea were looked at from the side of the country’s trade partners. In case of D.P.R.Korea, therefore, export amounts are shown in CIF prices and import amounts in FOB prices.
The statistical format applied in this book was created, based on the HS code which is the international standard.
In addition, there are some items in statistics of developing countries on which they seemed to have reported, mixing up North and South Koreas, but these data remain in this book without being excluded.
Amounts in currency units were all converted into the U.S.dollar.
However, part of the product name is omitted due to the structure of the paper. Therefore, it is recommended to check the exact name on the websites of the customs authorities of each country and international organizations (UN, WCO, etc.).

・Price: 38,115 yen (34,650 yen without tax)
・Publication date: Dec, 2023
・Number of pages: 254 (A4 size)
・Contents: Exports by country by product (2368 records in total), imports by country by product (5126 records in total), exports by country by product, imports by country by product(HS code 2-digit, 4-digit, and 6-digit)
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